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  • Rosh Chodesh SocietyJewish Women's Circle

    Lesson 6 - Architecture
    Tuesday 10th May 7:45pm
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  • Peaks and PlateausWe seek specialness. Everything else just is, and as such, is unworthy of our energy or attention....Read More
  • Growing up in the Shadow of the HolocaustI once brought a friend over for a Shabbat meal at
    Bubby’s house. Had I realized my friend was a...
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  • Why Do We Count Up the Omer?Why do we count up to Shavuot during the Omer instead of counting down? Isn’t it a countdown from...Read More
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News posted on Mar 30, 2016 | 0 Comments
B"H L'chaim Chabad Hosts Purim Celebrations Throughout Manchester Purim only takes up one day on the calendar, but the energy at the...
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Why can we say that biblical tragedies were punishments, yet contemporary ones are “the mysterious way of G-d”? Have today’s rabbis changed their perception of G-d to fit what’s politically correct?
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Nissan 26, 5776
Jewish History
  • Passing of Joshua

    Joshua (1355-1245 BCE), who assumed the leadership of the people of Israel after...

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