Religious Organisations

Aguda Keren L’Dovid
0161 721 4365/ 0161 740 7892

Extra Torah lessons for children. Ethics lectures for professionals dealing with potential conflicts between state and Torah laws.

Daf Hayomi Study Group
0161 792 6624

Covering the Talmud in seven years, choice of three daily Shiurim.

Jerusalem Academy Study Groups
tel: 0161 740 2506

Courses for students, graduates and thinking Jews in Israel. No previous knowledge of Judaism required. Seminars held in Manchester on festivals.

tel: 0208 458 7965


Limmud is one of the most exciting and innovative educational organisations in the British-Jewish community.  Over 7000 people from every walk of life, background, religious affiliation and age have attended at least one Limmud event this year, and over 20,000 have attended a Limmud event in our 25 year history.  For information about and/or to become involved with Manchester Day Limmud please contact:

Lubavitch South Manchester Community Programmes
tel: 0161 929 9999
fax: 0161 929 9255


Educational and recreational programmes, help and support for all. Children and adults, non-judgemental and inclusive, 24/7/365 days a year.  Our doors are always open.  Reference and lending library: books, audiotapes and videos on Jewish subjects (Israel, lphilosophy, Jewish practice, etc) computer references and resources. Study and one-to-one educational programmes, some catering for those who have little or no Jewish background and knowledge. Programmes, primarily for South Manchester, are available for all. Torahfax – a Jewish thought, story or anecdote delivered free to your fax machine every day. Traditional Friday Night Experience, including meal. Bookshop: Jewish books, artefacts, Judaica, kippot, tefillin, mezuzot, menorahs, gifts and cards.

Manchester Yeshiva and Kollel
0161 740 0214

Mechinoh Leyeshiva
0161 795 9275

Reshet Torah Education Network
tel: 061 740 5735

fax: 0161 795 4295

Providing Shiurim and discussion groups nightly in different areas. Teaching Torah and traditional Judaism to adults in Greater Manchester. Special Sunday morning Shiur for ladies.

Manchester Office
tel: 0161 792 2709


SEED is a national organisation providing one-to-one study for men and women, seminars, lectures, publications and university programmes. Local centres: Bury Hebrew Cong, Higher Prestwich Hebrew Cong, Holy Law South Broughton Cong, Prestwich Hebrew Cong, Whitefield Hebrew Cong, Wilbraham Road Jewish Students’ Centre, Yeshurun Hebrew Cong.

Parents at School Programme


Specialising in the Jewish educational and parenting needs of parents of young families – events, workshops, lectures, learning groups and weekends away. Based at King David Schools, Bury & Whitefield Primary & Infants Schools.

ManchesterJewish Community Centre
tel: 0161 795 4000
fax: 0161 720 6222

The Centre provides:

  • Educational and recreational facilities for all ages
  • Reference and lending library including music for children and adults
  • Function room available for hire
  • Swimming pool offering separate sessions for men and women. Sessions for children with special needs and specialised equipment are available. Adult groups from Outreach also use the pool
  • Kosher Fitness: Gymnasium offering separate sessions for men and women, contact 0161 795 2366, 0783 770 6539
  • Dairy restaurant supervised by the Manchester Beth Din

Whitefield Community Kollel -The Forum

c/o Whitefield Hebrew Congregation

tel: 0161 766 2150

  •     Whitefield Community Kollel: An academy of higher Jewish learning and rabbinical training college. Providing one-to-one learning to the community Sunday-Thursday evenings 6.45pm-7.45pm.
  •     The Forum: Informal Jewish education and outreach for the community. Includes lectures, women’s forum programming, explanatory services.

Yeshivas Lubavitch
0161-740 4243
L’Chaim – 0161 792 6335

Yeshivas Shaarei Torah
tel: 0161 740 3129

fax: 0161 740 7415


A traditional yeshiva and kollel comprising some 250 students

Zeire Agudas Yisroel
0161 708 9228