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Chabad Manchester Spreads Light In The face Of Darkness


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Rabbi Shneur Cohen, of Chabad Manchester City Centre, and his colleagues gave out hot drinks and food to the police. 

 In the aftermath of the horrific terror attack in Manchester, England, which left 22 dead and over 60 injured, thousands gathered for a vigil in memory of the victims.

Manchester residents, as well as people from the surrounding areas, came on Tuesday to Albert Square in support of the families of the victims and the survivors of the atrocity.

CMCC MBA2.jpgRabbi Shneur Cohen from Chabad in Manchester City Center took to the bustling Albert square to promote unity, sharing the message of the Rebbe to add in acts of goodness and kindness to bring about more peace and harmony in the world.

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OVER 3500 CELEBRATE- Lag B'omer Unity Parade





Lag B'omer 5777 ~ 2017 Round Up



JLI at the ohel.jpgL'chaim Chabad led a contingent of 18 people to the international JLI Shabbaton in NYC which included inspiring personalities, Sight seeing, Shopping opportunities, discussion groups, Q & A, a special visit to the Lubavitch Rebbe house, office, Shul and resting place. Once participant wrote
There is no way to put into words how the life-changing JLI trip “Shabbat in the Heights” touched my soul.
This Lag B'omer L’Chaim-Chabad in cooperation with the local Jewish schools hosted a day full of excitement, fun and meaning for the entire family.… Read More »

L'chaim Foodbank Helps Over 1000 Needy People With Their Passover Needs



L'chaim Foodbank Helps Over 1000 Needy People With Their Passover Needs 


Help Included, Fish, Chicken, Matzah, Wine, Grape Juice, Cheese, Fruit, Veg, Oil, Matzah Meal, Tuna, Sugar, Salt and many other products.

Thanks to the generosity of the community and the many volunteers Passover this year will be an enjoyable festival for so many. 

Foodbank Pesach Packages 2.jpg Foodbank Pesach Packages.jpg

Foodbank Pesach Packages 1.jpg 

 Foodbank Volunteers packing2.jpgFoodbank Volunteers.jpg Foodbank Volunteers packing.jpg




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Autumn/Winter 2016-2017 Round Up



Purim 5777 ~ 2017 Round Up



Purim 5777 ~ 2017 Round Up


 cteen purim.jpg The fed.jpg IMG-20170311-WA0005.jpg   Thousands of MM Packed.jpgcteen purim drumming.jpgJJ with Rami Sherman Tefillin.jpg

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Purim in numbers

Control Tower manned by 3 Volunteers 24 hours

177 the amount of times L'chaim volunteers read the Megillah 

4425 people hear the Megillah via L'chaim

1600 Mishloach Manot packages distributed

500 Accumulative volunteer hours 

3500 Purim special edition of L'chaim distributed

19 Purim parties arranged and hosted 

18 Old age homes and senior centers visited 4 Hospitals were 

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Chanukah 5777 Round Up


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L'chaim Chabad Lubavitch in Partnership with Yeshivas Lubavitch Manchester wraps up a whirlwind of Chanukah activities that saw a record number of Chanukah parties, programs and participants. 

The JLI ran a series of classes for both men and women exploring the deeper dimension and relevant messages of Chanukah.


Thousands of elderly, ill and lonely individuals were visited as well as 20 old age homes and 5 hospitals thoughout the 8 nights of Chanukah.

Programs and parties for Children, teens, students, adults, families and seniors were organised by L'chaim Chabad Lubavitch across Greater Manchester.


Manchester saw its biggest Chanukah celebration yet, with thousands attending the Gala Chanukah… Read More »

L'chaim Chabad Lubavitch Takes The High Holidays To New Heights


 - In Their Own Words - 

                            L’Chaim Chabad Lubavitch 


L’Chaim Chabad Lubavitch has outdone themselves this year with another full array of services, programs, events, visitations, classes, etc. etc. 

But why should we tell you about it? We will let the men, women, students, kids, and seniors tell you in their own words about the impact of Chabad in our communities during this High Holiday month.


IMG_3756.JPGMike from Manchester learned about prayer in our amazing JLI courses.  “For the first time in my whole life, shulRead More »

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