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Manchester Celebrates 8 Miraculous Days


Manchester Celebrates 8 Miraculous Days

DSC_0979.JPGWhen the Maccabees lit the menorah with that tiny flask of oil, it took a wondrous G-dly miracle for the oil to last 8 days. A few thousand years later, and the sheer amount of Chanukah programs and initiatives squeezed into 8 days by L’Chaim Chabad seemed miraculous in its own right!

The mission began even before the onset of the holiday, with the food bank doling out more than £20,000 worth of aid to needy families, in the form of food, clothing, shelter and gifts for the kids. DSC_0586.JPG

In the leadup to Chanukah and throughout the 8 days, L’Chaim staff and volunteers spread chanukah awareness, distributing 5,000 Chanukah L’Chaim brochures, 2,000 dreidels… Read More »
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