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Lag B'omer 5777 ~ 2017 Round Up

Monday, 22 May, 2017 - 5:15 am



JLI at the ohel.jpgL'chaim Chabad led a contingent of 18 people to the international JLI Shabbaton in NYC which included inspiring personalities, Sight seeing, Shopping opportunities, discussion groups, Q & A, a special visit to the Lubavitch Rebbe house, office, Shul and resting place. Once participant wrote
There is no way to put into words how the life-changing JLI trip “Shabbat in the Heights” touched my soul.
This Lag B'omer L’Chaim-Chabad in cooperation with the local Jewish schools hosted a day full of excitement, fun and meaning for the entire family. Thousands  participated in the grand event which featured a unity rally, a parade celebrating Jewish pride and a funfair and carnival in the park.
LAg B'omer 2.JPGLag B'omer 3.JPG Lag B'omer 6.JPG Lag B'omer Unity rally at Beis Menachem.JPG Lag B'omer 5.jpg Lag B'omer 4.JPG Spectacular floats Lag B'omer parade.jpg
The fast growing L’Chaim Cteen Club enjoyed a spectacular afternoon beginning with a  fun outing followed by a BBQ, stories and games. 
Cteen Lag (2).jpg Cteen Lag (1).jpg
The beautiful skies were the perfect scene for the annual Lag BaOmer barbecue and bonfire at the Heaton Park Shul in conjunction with the Holy Law Shul, people enjoyed the food, fireside singing and festive spirit.
Enjoying the JLI Lag B'omer BBQ and Bonfire.jpg 
 Commemorating 50 years since the miraculous events of the six day war, over 100 people came to hear Dr. Itzhak Yifat share his first hand experience in the liberation of Jerusalem.
The event was preceded with a Tefillin ceremony to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Tefillin campaign the Lubavitch Rebbebegan for the protection of the Jewish people.
Itzha Yifat in tefillin with Rabbi Levi Cohen.jpg  celebrating 50 years of the six day war.JPG




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