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Chabad Welcomes Delegates at Big Tent for Israel

As hundreds converged on Manchester’s “Big Tent for Israel,” Chabad was on hand to offer participants the opportunity to do a Mitzvah. The Chabad booth, manned by L’Chaim-Chabad Rabbis and volunteers, helped many put on Tefillin or do other Mitzvos to merit the land and people of Israel.

BTFI - Mitzvah Booth.jpgOrganizers of the Big Tent for Israel, a conference aimed at furthering support and advocacy for Israel, asked L’Chaim to help delegates show support for Israel through performing Mitzvos.

“The booth was a fantastic opportunity,” said Rabbi Yisroel Cohen, Director of L’Chaim. “The Lubavitcher Rebbe often spoke of the power of Tefillin and other Mitzvos to affect the security of the soldiers and… Read More »

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