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L’Chaim aim to make ‘boring’ shul services a thing of the past

AN attempt to prevent long Rosh Hashana services becoming “boring” has been launched in Manchester.

“Some people may not feel comfortable when they go to a synagogue on the High Holy Days,” said Rabbi Levi Cohen, adult education director of L’Chaim-Chabad.

Machzor“They may find the service long, tedious and even boring. And they often do not understand the meaning of the prayers they are saying.”

So L’Chaim has organised a Rosh Hashana service with a difference at Beis Menachem in Park Lane, Salford.

“We will explain what part of the davening we are at and we’ll tell people when they should stand up – and why,” said Rabbi Cohen.

“We will also give lots of… Read More »

Need to know anything about Judaism? Just ask the dynamic dozen

A MIDDLE-AGED man had lived for years with a problem that bothered him greatly.

He knew he was Jewish – there was no doubt about that – but he knew very little about his religion.

Yeshiva Summer Programme.JPGHis longing for information got so acute that one day recently he could stand it no longer.

So he took the bull by the horns . . . and walked into Beis Menachem, the Chabad-Lubavitch learning centre in Park Lane, Salford.

He couldn’t have picked a better time. For a dozen students of Yeshivas Lubavitch were embarking on a unique Summer Learning programme while on a summer break from their regular studies.

They make themselves available, day or night, to help any Jew with a quest for knowledge.

It could be that they want to learn basic… Read More »

‘Roving rabbis’ reach out to save small Jewish communities

TINY Jewish communities in northern parts of England are being saved – with the help of a dozen yeshiva teenagers.

The boys – from Yeshivas Lubavitch Manchester – have spent their summer holidays bringing Yiddishkeit to outlying areas.

Roving Rabbi Motti Rubin and Robert Pinchus at St. Annes Synagogue (1).JPG“It’s all part of the ‘Roving Rabbis’ programme, founded by the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Menachem Mendel Schneerson,” explained one of the volunteer students, 18-year-old Eli Nochum Block.

Eli, whose home is in San Antonio, Texas, said: “Twelve of us have been spending Shabbos in ‘the sticks’ for the past three weeks.

“We have been going wherever we have heard there are a few Jews. We have visited the smallest of communities &ndash… Read More »

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