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L’Chaim Celebrates Unprecedented Purim Success

L’Chaim Chabad rabbis and volunteers are proud of the resounding success of this year’s Purim activities. During the one-day festival, L’Chaim’s numerous communal activities managed to involve the entire community, reaching well over 7,000 Jews, more than one-fifth of Manchester’s Jewish population!

Mishloach Monot Packages.jpgIn the weeks preceding the festival, volunteers packed and distributed 5,000 Purim L’Chaim publications and 3,000 mishloach manos gift packages. On the day itself, there were more than 185 megillah readings, and residents and patients at 25 old age homes, 5 hospitals, as well as hundreds of local homes and businesses celebrated with Chabad. “It was one of the most amazing Purim experiences in… Read More »

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