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Teens Restock Food Bank

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With the price of food rising with the recession, local Manchester teens organized a community food drive in conjunction with L’Chaim-Chabad Food Bank. The teens set up drop-off centres at local shops and even went door to door in search of non-perishable food, clothing or other necessary contributions.

The collected food and other items were organized and packaged by the teens, and immediately distributed to needy families throughout Manchester. “Mothers used to say ‘finish your plate because there are children in Africa who are starving.’” says CTeen advisor, Rabbi Moshe Cohen. “But sadly, in today’s world, hunger has become prevalent in our own backyards.”

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Purim Festivities Touch Thousands Across Manchester

In just 24 hours, L’Chaim-Chabad managed to impressively coordinate tens of parties and hundreds of megillah readings to inspire and uplift thousand of Jews on the festival of Purim. Jews of every age and religious background throughout Greater Manchester were touched; from infants to seniors and everyone in between, there was a programme through which one could experience the joy of the holiday and find its relevance to one’s daily life.

“Purim is one of the most joyful days on our calendar,” says Rabbi Yisroel Cohen, Director of L’Chaim Chabad. “Our goal was to ensure everyone in the city truly appreciated that joy and infused that spirit into their lives.”

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