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Manchester Shines Brighter on Chanukah


 Rabbi Levi, Tesco Manager, Bury Mayor, Rabbi Walker, rabbi Cohen.JPG

Manchester Shines Brighter on Chanukah

Throughout the eight day holiday, thousands participated at L’Chaim Chabad’s Chanukah events throughout the city.


0075 Manchester Lubavitch Yeshiva Bochurs Chanucah play (2).JPG

I have a little dreidel, I made it out of ... wood? Dozens of kids enjoyed making their own wooden spinning tops and Chanukah sand art, at one of the many Chanukah events arranged by L’Chaim Chabad over the eight day long “Festival of Lights.”


Dreidel man, Bury mayor, tesco manager, rabbi Cohen, Rabbi walker.JPGMenorahs shone brightly at Sainsbury’s and Tesco and various prominent locations throughout the city. The grand celebration at Tesco, attended by the mayor, featured an ice menorah lighting, a juggling show, carnival rides and the beloved dreidel mascot.


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