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lag 3.jpgThe annual Lag B'omer unity rally, parade and carnival attracted thousands of children from the entire Jewish community. creating excitement, fun and meaning for the entire family. 

The festivities began with the unity rally at Beis Menachem JCC, where student representatives from the local schools led the crowd with words of Torah and prayer. Each child received a bag with refreshments as well as 18p to give to charity.

 Rabbi Levi Cohen, Director of JLI, emceed the event and enthralled thelag 2.jpg children with stories of of the famed Kabbalist and sage, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai who passed away on this day. He also shared Rabbi Akiva's message of Loving a fellow Jew which Lag… Read More »

L’Chaim-Chabad has the Answers this Passover



L’Chaim-Chabad has the Answers this Passover

Passover is known as the festival of questions, but for tens of thousands of Jews in the greater Manchester area, L’Chaim Chabad was the answer for their Pesach needs. From the weeks leading up to the holiday, right through the final crunch of matzah, L'chaim Chabad was there.

There were programs for people of all ages, no matter their background or affiliation. Special emphasis was placed on teen and kids’ programs, with L’Chaim redoubling its efforts to engage and inspire Manchester’s youth.

It’s all About the Kids

L’Chaim youth clubs themed their pre-Pesach meets around the holiday. The Jewish Birthday Club, forRead More »

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