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500 Pay Tribute to the Lubavitch Rebbe on the occasion of His 20th Yartseit


500 Pay Tribute to the Lubavitch Rebbe on the occasion of His 20th Yartseit  

L'chaim Chabad Lubavitch marked the 20th Yartseit of the Lubavitch Rebbe with an evening of music and inspiration 

featuring Chazan Yossi Muller and Keynote speaker Ambassador Yehuda Avner.


The evening was hosted by  the Heaton Park Shul and was chaired by Rabbi Daniel Walker.


Rabbi Walker welcomed everybody and gave a brief introduction on the significance of the event and introduced the first 2 traditional Chabad Nigunnim (melodies) which were sung by Chazan Muller and his children's Choir.


Personal reflections and memories were given by Rabbi… Read More »

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