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Purim 5775 in numbers



Operation Purim 5775

This Purim L'chaim Chabad Lubavitch serviced over 7000 people across the Northwest. With visitations to Houses , Hospitals, Old age homes, Lonely individuals, elderly & infirm,  Universities, Small communities & Prisons. Communal Parties & events for children, teens & families, L'chaim really covered the entire spectrum 

 0439 Wild West Purim Seuda (2).JPG 0249 Megillah at Brackman's cafe , bakery,Salford.JPG


Catering for every segment and every age of the Manchester Jewish Community

0084 Purim at Beis Menachem with L'Chaim Chabad Lubavitch.JPG 0118 Heaton Park Shul Purim Bingo bash.JPG 

Purim in numbers

Control Tower manned by 3 Volunteers 24 hours

177 the amount of times L'chaim volunteers read the Megillah 

4425 people hear the Megillah via L'chaim

1600 Mishloach Manot packages distributed

500… Read More »

Manchester Cteen Celebrate The 2015 Chabad Teen International Shabbaton



The 2015 Chabad Teen International Shabbaton was held from Friday, Feb. 27, through Sunday, March 1, in New York City. 28 teens from Manchester gathered with nearly 1,500 teenagers for a weekend filled with social and educational activities, including touring famous New York landmarks, shopping, workshops and discussions about Judaism, Shabbat observance and more.

IMG-20150301-WA081.jpgThe fun started from the moment they boarded the plane peaking at a Saturday night Havdallah ceremony in Time Sq. a special event for Jewish teens in New York’s Time Square displaying Jewish pride and unity, featuring a special havdalah ceremony, inspiration and concert with Jewish singer Gad… Read More »

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