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L'chaim Chabad Hosts Purim Celebrations Throughout Manchester



L'chaim Chabad Hosts Purim Celebrations Throughout Manchester


Purim only takes up one day on the calendar, but the energy at the L’Chaim-Chabad Purim events throughout the city was enough to last an entire year. There was something for everyone - no matter one’s agecteen boys BM.JPGbackground or affiliation.


The community at ‎Heaton Park Shul enjoyed a sold out Purim Bingo evening, with 120 people partaking of good food and fantastic prizes. The Megillah was read and pre-packaged mishloach manos were handed out for participants to give to friends the next day.


Yeshivas Lubavitch Manchester students and Volunteers visitedthousands of homes, businesses and institutions to… Read More »

Manchester Wins Cteen Chapter of The Year Award


 Manchester Wins Cteen Chapter of The Year Award! Competeing against 200 Cteen chapters from 200 chapters from around the world!

Cteen award.jpg 

This year by the Shabbaton something special happened besides for the incredible ruach and experience we received an award for the Chapter of the year. Firstly everyone at CTeen Manchester is extremely proud and amazed that we won this award against all odds and would like to say some thanks. Firstly we thank all of our leaders Saul Mendelson, Ethan Gilmore, Daniel Sacks, Ben Bursk and JJ Martin and Girl leaders Rachel , Natasha, Eden, Sara and Rebecca for their hard work and effort. We thank CTeen International for giving the award to us and everyone involved in making CTeen Manchester… Read More »

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