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Shavuos Round UP



Kd Mitzvah Mission winners.jpg shavuos competition winners.jpg


Pictured are the Mitzvah Mission winners




Matti and Ellie Gordon, Akiva Mann-Wineberg from King David.



Asher Tzvi Weinber and Issy Ross from B&WJPS




This past 48 hours of Shavuot,  L'chaim Chabad Lubavitch maximized its efforts to involve hundreds of men, women and children in a variety of programs. Enabling each individual to experience and relive the most fundamental Jewish episode - the Sinai experience in a spirit of unity and renewed dedication.

It all began with the JLI pre Shavuot class for men titled "Lessons of Commitment from the story of Ruth" where Rabbi Levi Cohen brought to life the story of… Read More »

Manchester Unites at Chabad Lag B’Omer Events



Manchester Unites at Chabad Lag B’Omer Events

More than 800 children at numerous Manchester schools enjoyed a Lag B’Omer rally and carnival. L’Chaim-Chabad volunteers prepared a fun, educational program, which taught the kids about the special day and made sure everyone had a great time.

Both faculty and students were thrilled with the events. “The Lag B’omer carnival was so good, all the children and staff had an amazing experience,” said Mr Wolf, Principal of North Cheshire Day School. “If not for you guys there would be nothing done in the school for Lag B’omer - and all the other Yomim Tovim. Thank you so much!”

Mr Sammy Morhaim of King David said… Read More »

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