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Manchester Celebrates Exodus


Manchester Celebrates Exodus


The festival of Passover meant L’Chaim Chabad was buzzing with activity for weeks on end, creating dozens of programs to reach out to teach, inspire and assist thousands of Jews in the Greater Manchester area.

 Pesach seder.jpg

There were preparatory events for men, women and children of all ages and walks of life, as well as public Pesach seders, Holiday supplies distribution and more. While these programs combined to reach the entire city, on a personal level they touched the lives of hundreds – even thousands – of individuals in engaging, meaningful ways.


Matzah bakery.jpgBefore the holiday, kids in the CClub at local day schools made their very own Afikoman bags and participated in… Read More »

JLI Shabbos In The Heights 5778


 Group Outside 770 - sky.jpg

Mancunians were both religiously inspired and physically satiated after a Chabad trip to New York.

The group joined 350 others from different parts of the world on an annual weekend trip, not only to key Chabad institutions in New York, but also to top tourist destinations.

Retired Broughton Jewish Primary School teacher Rachelle Miller said: “When we got off the plane on Thursday lunchtime we were taken to a Chabad House in Long Island for an amazing lunch. Then we were fed again in a Manhattan kosher restaurant. I have never seen food like it.”

Grouop Ground Zero.jpgRachelle, who admires the work that Chabad does in “wanting to bring the light to every Jew,” agreed to go on the trip just days before after her… Read More »

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