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Tishrei 5774

Thousands Join L’Chaim-Chabad Holiday Celebration



A New Year brought renewed vigour to L’Chaim Chabad volunteers, with the same special dedication and range of services the Manchester Jewish community has come to expect. Tens of thousands were touched and inspired thanks to the efforts of a multitude of volunteers who coordinated dozens of programs and services.


Tooting the Horn

 The excitement began in the weeks leading up to the New Year, with the distribution of more than 10,000 copies of the Holiday Times homes and businesses, along with hundreds of apple and honey packages given to seniors and the infirm with blessings for a sweet and healthy new year.



L’Chaim offices fielded calls from across the globe regarding homebound friends and relatives, requesting that volunteers


 visit them and sound the shofar. Throughout the holiday, thousands heard the shofar thanks to Chabad students and Rabbis who visited hundreds of homes, dozens of senior centres and three hospitals.


Delving Deeper

 Rabbi Levi Cohen, Director of L’Chaim’s adult education programs, delivered a three part lecture series titled The Top 10 Things to do for Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur and Sukkot. Hosted by Lorraine and Neville Gouldman, the classes covered the basic customs of the festivals as wel


l as deeper, mystical themes with practical application. Rabbi Cohen also led explanatory Rosh Hashana services, which brought to life the traditional liturgy with stories, insights and a deeper look into the prayers. The services were followed by a lavish festive meal and traditional Rosh Hashana foods. 


Taking it to the Streets

 Jeffrey Goldstein (name changed), an 80 year old Holocaust survivor, was doing his shopping at a local Safeway store when he noticed a 20130924_131355.jpgSukkah driving by. Intrigued, he accepted the invitation inside of Chabad of Cheadle’s mobile Sukkah, built in conjunction with L’Chaim, where he made the blessing on the Lulav and esrog and had a bite to eat. Emotionally, he said, “I can’t remember the last time I did this. I am so glad you gave me the opportunity.”


Jeffrey was one of the thousands who found their way to dozens of Chabad’s Sukkahs stationed at strategic locations throughout DSC_0630.JPGManchester's shopping districts and business centers. L'Chaim's Jewish Business Network made lunch available daily in public Sukkahs for businessmen and women to enjoy a quick break in middle of the day while doing the special Mitzvah of Sukkah. They also hosted Shwarma in the Mobile Sukkah at the Warth business centre catered by Taam Grill.


The Yeshivah students capped the festive season off with yet another display of Jewish pride, marching through the streets on Simchat Torah, walking for miles on end to bring the joy of the holiday to communities and Synagogues across the city.


Who Says Judaism Isn’t Fun?

 What do Jewish traditions, Go Karts, giant slides, candy floss and a hot buffet dinner have to do with each other? They were all part  ofCNV00009.jpg the Chabad’s Family Sukos celebration. Traditionally one of the most joyous times on the Jewish calendar, L’Chaim made sure to bring the excitement to Manchester’s kids and families. More than 600 enjoyed the extravaganza.


The Girls Club and the CTeen Girls club got their years started with a skating trip and a grand  trip to Alton Towers respectively. 20130923_163022_3-2.jpgEach girls received a welcome package which gave them a glimpse into the fun awaiting them this year. Meanwhile, the Young Jewish Professionals group got their year started with a Sukkah barbecue get together which followed a day of care & giving by visiting the seniors at Heathlands Village.


Caring for Community


Even with all the joy and celebration, the city’s hungry and needed were not forgotten, The L’Chaim’s Foodbank was able to feed andclothe dozens of needy families thanks to the generous support of local donors.



From Mobile Sukkah to jars of honey, magazines to ram’s horns, Synagogue services, to buffet dinners, L’Chaim-Chabad Holiday programs truly had it all. No matter the age, affiliation or level of observance, there was something relevant, meaningful and fun for everyone.


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