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JLI Shabbos In The Heights 5778

Thursday, 3 May, 2018 - 10:46 am


 Group Outside 770 - sky.jpg

Mancunians were both religiously inspired and physically satiated after a Chabad trip to New York.

The group joined 350 others from different parts of the world on an annual weekend trip, not only to key Chabad institutions in New York, but also to top tourist destinations.

Retired Broughton Jewish Primary School teacher Rachelle Miller said: “When we got off the plane on Thursday lunchtime we were taken to a Chabad House in Long Island for an amazing lunch. Then we were fed again in a Manhattan kosher restaurant. I have never seen food like it.”

Grouop Ground Zero.jpgRachelle, who admires the work that Chabad does in “wanting to bring the light to every Jew,” agreed to go on the trip just days before after her husband Martin asked her if she fancied going away for the weekend.

She said: “I have been to New York before but I have never seen any of the things we saw on this trip. There was a full programme. They took us everywhere.”

On the Friday the group went to the Eldridge Synagogue Jewish Museum in Chinatown, then onto the 9/11 memorial and downtown shopping.

They prepared for Shabbat on Friday afternoon by visiting the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s 770 headquarters.

Martin Miller, who admires Chabad’s “non-judgmental attitude”, said: “It brought to life the impressions I have had over the years of 770.”

Participants were treated to a gourmet Friday night five-course meal at the Oholei Torah ballroom. This ws accompanied by speeches from Rabbi Mendel Kalmenson from London’s Belgravia and Rabbi Simon Jacobson of the Meaningful Life Centre.  

Accountant Alan Levine said: “The gala dinner contained gourmet food more than anyone could eat, as well as inspiring speeches.”

Group Inside Ohel.jpgThis was the second Chabad New York trip for Steven Levine of Hebrew Congregation, who said: “It was a wonderful experience, spiritually uplifting and well organised. It was different from last year. There was a high standard of speakers. I could recommend it without hesitation. The Shabbat was similar to last year but we visited more tourist places on the Thursday and Friday.”

Shabbat morning saw Holocaust survivor and educator Dr Jacob Eisenbach celebrating his 95th birthday by carrying a sefer Torah rescued from Kristallnacht.

JLI CAKE.jpgOther Shabbat and after-Shabbat speakers included Rabbi Benny Zippel from Salt Lake City, Utah, journalist and TV producer Molly Resnick and Chief Rabbi of Russia Rabbi Berel Lazar. Havdallah was sung by Chazan Aryeh Leib Hurwitz.

On Sunday the group visited the Rebbe’s private house and his Ohel resting place.

That for Israeli-born Dalia Warwick of Sale Hebrew Congregation was the highlight of the trip.

She said: “I felt really high emotion because I had heard a lot of stories anout the Lubavitcher Rebbe. The atmosphere was really emotional. The Rebbe had a lot of energy to bring people back to Judaism. Chabad has a special mission all over the world. I really appreciate and admire their vision to bring Jews to believe in God.”

JLI Miller.jpgFor Martin Miller the visit to the Ohel took on another more practical significance. The event coincided with an important football match between his beloved Manchester United and Arsenal. Martin had really wanted to watch the match, but felt it more important to attend the Rebbe’s Ohel.

As he was nearing the Ohel he met a fellow Manchester United supporter who told him that Man U had won.

Martin said humorously before he entered the Ohel: “The Rebbe’s powers were working already.”

JLI crowd.jpgFor Marvyn Dytch of Heaton Park Hebrew Congregation this was his first visit to New York.

He said: “It was a new experience. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.”

Also in New York for the first time were Alan Levy and his wife Debbie who works in Brackmans.

Alan said: “This was our first trip to New York. The whole experience covered a mixture of religion and fun, without pressure. To visit and daven in 770 and at the Rebbe’s Ohel was an uplifting experience. Overall I cannot recommend the trip highly enough.”

the Sing-Along Havdala and Melava Malka.jpg

The Manchester group

 was led by Rabbi Levi Cohen of Chabad and Rabbi Daniel Walker of Heaton Park Hebrew Congregation.

The rabbis said: “This most inspiring trip, filled with energy, good food and learning was an eye opener and an educational experience for us all. We are sure that everyone has gained tremendously and look forward to next year’s trip, even bigger and better.”   

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