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Manchester Celebrates Exodus

Monday, 28 May, 2018 - 11:24 am


Manchester Celebrates Exodus


The festival of Passover meant L’Chaim Chabad was buzzing with activity for weeks on end, creating dozens of programs to reach out to teach, inspire and assist thousands of Jews in the Greater Manchester area.

 Pesach seder.jpg

There were preparatory events for men, women and children of all ages and walks of life, as well as public Pesach seders, Holiday supplies distribution and more. While these programs combined to reach the entire city, on a personal level they touched the lives of hundreds – even thousands – of individuals in engaging, meaningful ways.


Matzah bakery.jpgBefore the holiday, kids in the CClub at local day schools made their very own Afikoman bags and participated in Mitzvah missions and raffles. King David nursery school enjoyed a Pesach program with moms and grandmothers, while high school students did a mock Pesach clean, Chametz clean and Pesach seder, culminating with the dozens of participants singing and dancing joyfully.


pikuach.jpgL’Chaim offers programming and assistance to schools throughout the year, and recently Kind David achieved outstanding status in all areas at their Pikuach inspection. We could not have achieved this without L'chaim Chabad,” said Rayna Glickman, Head of Jewish Studies King David Primary. “We appreciate all your hard work in educating the children of King David Primary School.”


Matzah bakery1.jpg

While school students enjoyed studying about Pesach, adults were treated toa choice of classes and lectures on the whats, whys, and hows of Passover, with talk given for both men and women.


L’Chaim Chabad ensured every Jew was equipped to celebrate Pesach, distributing 10,000 holiday guides, 1500 packages of handmade Shmurah Matzah, and selling Chametz in person and online for hundreds of Jews. Many needy families, seniors and individuals celebrating the holiday without family were given larger Matzah packages.


foodbank pesach1.jpgFor those less fortunate, 45 L’Chaim Foodbank volunteers delivered chicken, Bobbie’s gefilte fish, cheese, fruits and vegetables, wine and grape juice, kitchen and cleaning supplies, chocolate, housewares, matzah and more to 147 needy families.


When the festival began, more than 140 people joined public seders on both nights which were interactive and engaging. Guests not only learned from the hosts, but from fellow guests from across the globe who each shared of their personal Pesach memories and inspiration. At the end of the holiday, L’Chaim volunteers hosted the traditional Moshiach feast in 6 Synagogues, with one special children’s event attracting more than 95 kids, and volunteers walking to more than a dozen other Synagogues throughout the city to share Holiday cheer.


While all the Holiday program were well attended, Chabad’s regularly scheduled programs continued with full force, including CTeen’s weekly gathering, Tefillin clubs and adult education classes.  


IMG_4027.JPGWeeks after Pesach, the festivities continued with the Heaton Park and Holy Law congregations coming together for a beautiful Lag B’Omer BBQ with stories, singing and heart-warming words from Rabbis Chazan, Rickman and Kahn. 1500 children from a variety of schools such as King David, North Cheshire,  Bury & Whitefield schools enjoyed a fabulous Lag B’Omer carnival with loads of exciting games and activities.



This was a fitting cap to a monumental Holiday season that saw hundreds grateful for the tireless efforts of dedicated L’Chaim Chabad volunteers.


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