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No Jew Passed Over on Pesach 5775/2015

Monday, 27 April, 2015 - 10:19 am


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No Jew Passed Over on Pesach

L’Chaim-Chabad staff and volunteers worked tirelessly throughout the Pesach season to provide educational, humanitarian and social programs that catered to the entire spectrum of Manchester Jewry.


It began in the weeks leading up to the holiday, with courses for both advanced and beginner students - from deeper insights into intricate customs, to more simple step by step Passover and seder guides. “I always thought Judaism was just about the 


IMG-20150412-WA000.jpgfood, and that spirituality was to be found in the Far East,” said Sarah H. “This course introduced me to whole new world of understanding.”

More than 250 people enjoyed a hands-on matza bakery experience, geared towards both children and seniors. “I’ve been eating matza for 70 years,” Said Becky. “I finally got to make my own and appreciate the process.”


While the kids were rolling the dough, L’Chaim volunteers were out on the streets giving out hand baked matzas to more than 2,000 people across the North West of England. Samantha took the matza she received while shopping at the mall, and showed it to her husband, Carl, and their children, who had previously been unfamiliar with any Jewish customs or traditions. “I cannot say the matza led to  a proper public seder.jpgPassover seder, but my children definitely asked more than four questions.” Chabad also helped facilitate the selling of chametz for hundreds of local families.


The L’Chaim food bank was on hand to ensure those less fortunate were provided with the material necessities of the holiday, including food, clothing and shelter. More than 50 families were assisted by the Food Bank.


The Pesach preparations and outreach received an extra boost on the 11th of Nissan,Holiday Times 2015 cover-page-001.jpg the birthday of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Volunteers and Rabbis fanned through the city, helping Jews with Tefillin, giving out Shababat candles, matza, holiday guides and the special Passover edition of The Holiday Times, a L’Chaim Chabad publication distributed to thousands of people.


The final step for Passover preparation came in the form of koshering kitchens. Many had their kitchens koshered for the very first time, intrigued and enthused to keep a fully kosher Passover in the comfort of their very own kitchens.

Numerous public Passover sedorim were conducted for the elderly, singles and families, along with a full explanatory Seder for those looking for a deeper, more scholarly experience. In all, more than 250 people attended the public sedorim. David, who had recently lost his wife and had no nearby relatives to celebrate with said, “That phone call and invitation form Rabbi Cohen changed everything. He made me feel so welcome.”

As the holiday continued, the fun started for the children and teens. The CTeen boys and girls clubs enjoyed full days of fun respectively, while enjoying the discussions on the modern-day relevance of the ancient holiday. They were also treated with a surprise visit from their recent New York City Shabbaton chaperones.  

On the final days of the festival, dozens of rabbis walked for up to three hours to bring the joy and inspiration of Passover to close to twenty synagogues and communities across the city. Said one member of the Synagogue, “We wait for you every year, you guys are the highlight of our chag!”

The Eighth day of Pesach tradtionally features the Feast of Moshiach, and L’Chaim rabbi lampin.jpghosted a unique feast specially for kids. The children enjoyed games, stories, a guest storyteller and prizes. Once the holiday came to a close, the celebration continued with a “Torah Conference”; where rabbis from carious communities shared thoughts and profound insights on Talmud, Jewish law and Chassidic philosophies. Speakers included Rabbi Rubin from congregation Aish Kodesh and Rabbi Lampin of the Belz Kollel.


Thanks to the dedicated staff, volunteers and students at Chabad, thousands were able to enjoy a more meaningful, liberating and joyous Passover experience.



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