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Dear Friend שיחי


In a short time our beautiful Jewish Holiday Magazine High Holiday edition featuring an updated design will be printed and delivered to thousands homes and businesses in your area, and to your clientele, free of charge.


The Magazine, which is distributed free of charge, is renowned for its in-depth and inspiring articles on a host of Jewish subjects, its up-to-date local Jewish information, as well as its spectacular layout and design.  Indeed, the Magazine is highly praised by laypersons and publishing professionals alike.  Most importantly, it helps us ensure Jewish expansion and continuity through education on a massive scale.


We need your help to make this happen!


Our most recent edition of the Holiday Times Magazine has been met with unparalleled enthusiasm from our wide readership of over 25,000, spanning the entire Greater Manchester area and smaller communities. 

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Reach a 25,000+ targeted audience of Jewish families and professionals across Greater Manchester & beyond.

Simple and Personalized:

We are happy to work with you to choose from a variety of options that suit you best.

Proven Results:

Feel confident, our existing advertisers have expressed satisfaction with the results.


Perform a wonderful Mitzvah. Help us ensure Jewish expansion and continuity through education in your local community.


Dear friend, please join us at the forefront of bringing Judaism with a smile to each and every Jewish person.


Your support will allow us to help another individual, family and community.

Your support will empower us to brighten the day of a lonely senior.

Your support will assist us in instilling self-esteem in today’s Jewish youth.

Your support will enable us to produce another generation of Jewish pride and connection

Your support will enable a wide range of programs which include:

          ●     Weekly L'chaim

●     Weekly email

●     Lunch 'n' Learn

●     Mezuzah

●     Tefillin

●     Shabbat meal

●     Young Jewish Professional event

●     Jewish Business Network event

●     Cteen program

●     Girls club

●     Mommy and Me

●     High holiday services and meal

●     Holiday programs

●     Smile on seniors visitations


I hope I can count on your participation in this edition of the Holiday Times and look forward to your positive response.

May G‑d in turn bless you and yours with a Happy and Kosher Passover and all the very best! 

Sincerely yours,

Rabbi Cohen


PS Please take 30 seconds and   click here to submit your kind donation, or call us at 0161.792.6335 for further sponsorship opportunities.