The Mission of L'chaim Chabad Lubavitch is to improve the world through education, action, and loving kindness; to help realize a moral, G‑dly world in which honesty, integrity, a sense of meaning and purpose, respect, responsibility for one another, knowledge, security, and peace prevail.

We recognize the innate goodness in humankind and seek to inspire and empower all people to maximize their potential on life's journey - with joy, passion, and enthusiasm.

To accomplish that, we work with all denominations, cultures, and faiths and reach out to help rather than wait to be called upon.

L'chaim Chabad Lubavitch prides itself on its unique approach, striving towards:

  • Providing a welcoming open door to people of all walks of life, no matter their background or affiliation.
  • Making Judaism accessible and relevant to every Jew by empowering them to personally take ownership of their Judaism in a meaningful way, never underestimating the value of a single deed.
  • Caring for and supporting the welfare of Jewish people and communities with devotion and affection - no matter the time, place or need.
  • Educating a generation of dedicated and skilled leaders who live by the words "Love your fellow as yourself". Rebbe.jpg