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Holiday Times Tishrei 5781

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Shavuos Covid 19 Tool Kit


Are you ready to receive the greatest gift of your lifetime? It’s the Torah! 

On Shavuot, Hashem gives each of us a precious inheritance to treasure and to keep. The Torah is full of wisdom, teaching us how to live our lives as Jews and do what Hashem wants. 

This year, for the very first time, we can’t celebrate Shavuot by going to synagogue and hearing the Ten Commandments. Instead, we’ll celebrate this special holiday at home, using everything inside this toolbox!

Kids! Complete the Mitzvah Mission and you can win cool prizes! We are raffling off Tablets, Game Tables, Ice Cream Machine and much more!

 a) Download and print The Shavuot Tool Box - … Read More »

Foodbank Pesach 5780 ~ 2020 Round up


Pesach 5780 ~ 2020 Round up

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Purim Round Up With L'chaim Chabad Lubavitch


3 Encounters Of Thousands In And Around Greater Manchester This Year!



A Taste Of The Thousands Of Encounters In And Around Greater Manchester This Year!



The Mitzvah Tank was on the side of the road at 2 a.m. with a lively discussion going on inside on the deeper meaning of Chanukah when there was a knock on the window. A curious gentleman had been walking by and wanted to know what it was all about.

It turns out he was from Perth, Australia, and didn't know he was Jewish. His dad being Christian and mum Jewish, he discovered for the first time in his life that he was, in fact, Jewish. We then helped our new friend from Perth light the Menorah and recite the Shema Yisroel. Getting in touch with his Jewish roots was so moving that he couldn’t hold back his… Read More »

Dignitaries With L'chaim Chabad Lubavitch

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  • Lord Mayor Manchester Councillor Abid Latif Chohan
  • Salford City Mayor Paul Dennet
  • Jeff Smith MP
  • Afzal Khan MP
  • Cabinet Member for Economy & Regeneration, Councillor David Meller 
  • Rochdale Council, Councillor Janet Emsley
  • Swinton Council, Councillor Heather Fletcher
  • Stockport Council, Councillor Dena Ryness
  • Manchester City Council, Councillor Naeem Ul Hassan
  • And Chabad Rabbi Shneur Cohen 

At the L'chaim Chabad Lubavitch Manchester Fort Menorah Lighting.


 Rabbi Cohen with the Lord Mayor


 Rabbi Cohen with Bury Councillors at the Bury Menroah Lighting 

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Foodbank Tishrei - High Holiday Round Up 2019 ~ 5780


Tishrei 2019~5780 Round Up


The Holiday Times: Tishrei 5780 ~ Autumn 2019

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