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Something for Everyone at Shavuos Celebrations

ShavuosShavuos was yet another whirlwind of activity for the staff and volunteers at L’Chaim-Chabad. No matter your age, background, affiliation or level of religious observance, there was a unique, meaningful programme for you to participate in for the holiday.

Kids get Special Treatment

Kids are a central part of the Holiday, as G-d only gave the Torah to the Jewish people in the merit of children. As such, L’Chaim placed strong emphasis on youth programmes, attracting dozens of kids throughout the holiday.

Even before Shavuos started, ten “Little Chefs” donned aprons and hats to create their very own Shavuos delicacy. They enjoyed play time with their parents and friends, while singing Shavuos songs and answering… Read More »

Lag BaOmer Unites Community

L’Chaim-Chabad hosted a day full of excitement, fun and meaning for the entire family. Thousands  participated in the grand event which featured a unity rally, a parade celebrating Jewish pride and a funfair and carnival in the park.

Manchester’s Lag BaOmer event was celebrated in similar fashion to other rallies and parades around the world. Rabbi Yisroel Cohen, Director of L’Chaim-Chabad, explained that the festivities serve to unite the community and share the vital lessons of the day.

The festivities began with the unity rally at Beis Menachem JCC, where student representatives from the local schools led the crowd with words of Torah and prayer. Rabbi Chein, Director of Chabad of Cheadle, emceed the… Read More »

Singing, Barbecuing in the Rain & Shine

Gray skies of Manchester couldn’t keep people away from the annual Lag BaOmer barbecue and bonfire at the Kasmir residence, on Sunday evening, April 28. In all, 300 people enjoyed the food, fireside singing and festive spirit.

“Getting everything ready was part of the fun, too!” said Laurence Ingleby, who was seen running around with Steve Wilks and Richard Adler getting chairs, tables, hot dogs, burgers, giant grill and more into place. “We are so thankful to all our volunteers,” said Rabbi Levi Cohen, Education Director at L’Chaim-Chabad. “And our hosts, Daniel and Janine Kasmir and family were truly welcoming and generous. They  brought everything together fabulously, and helped create a… Read More »

Girls Celebrate Artsy Lag BaOmer

The fast growing L’Chaim Girls Club enjoyed a spectacular afternoon of fun and games in honour of Lag BaOmer, with a special focus on craft making. The girls, aged 8 to 11, engaged their artistic side as they painted their very own crystal candlesticks.

“We aim to provide a safe, nurturing and fun environment for girls to express themselves and socialize,” said Mrs Zeldie Cohen, Director of the Girls Club. “On Lag BaOmer the girls really enjoyed the musical and lively atmosphere.” The club also took part in a unique Lag BaOmer game and creating sand art. Abigail Gilbert, Saffron Mendelson and Ayelet Adler were the lucky winners of the velvet art raffle.

“It is a very special club,” says Malka… Read More »

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